eCFD for Business

NLR remains committed to support small and medium-sized enterprises, and in this context to unleash the business potentials of eCFD. On the client side, eCFD is extendable, opening vast business opportunities, stimulating innovations. For example, with the increasing popularity of smartphones, one can imagine to develop a useful app for the communities “to play” with CFD.


The eCFD server at NLR can be regarded as a “primary” server, i.e. the one server that is equipped with a high-end hardware and CFD technology. Any eCFD client that has a macro or scripting functionality (e.g. the rule functionality in MS Outlook) can be made to become a “secondary” server as an intermediary that controls / negotiate the communication between the end users and the eCFD server at NLR. In this way, new businesses can be developed around any eCFD client.