eCFD for Research Collaboration

NLR strives for an efficient exploitation of CFD technologies in the search for optimal solutions to engineering problems faced by aerospace industry. NLR is prepared to collaborate in a partnership with industry, where knowledge transfer from NLR to industry will be an important aspect throughout the initiation phase (Veni), the setup phase (Vidi), and the Computing/Analysis phase (Vici).

eCFD stimulates an intensive close collaboration, as not only NLR but also the industrial partner will have the opportunity to take an initiative to start a new eCFD session (c.q. a new email discussion thread). By the notion of email discussion thread, eCFD sessions constitute a documentation of activities, investigation and exhange of ideas.

(Of course, eCFD does not preclude the possibility of a conventional telecon or face-to-face meeting, should the need arise during the collaboration.)