Characteristics of CFD support

  • all is common, but each is unique,
  • involve a setup and first simulation,
  • afterwards tens to thousands of simulations, all is the same but different

eCFD subdivides the eCFD process into Veni-Vidi-Vici

  1. Veni for the initiation (I) phase:
    – starting with a problem definition,
    – ending with an agreement between NLR and the client.
  2. Vidi for the setup and first analysis (S) phase:
    – starting with CFD pre-processing & post-processing setup
    – ending with a documentation and first numerical results & flow visualization.
  3. Vici for recurrent computations, analyses and reporting (C&A and R) phase:
    – prepare and, if necessary, discuss an input email
    – send the input email to eCFD server
    – receive an email from eCFD server with the output of simulation
    – discuss the output and report the findings.