Why eCFD?

  1. eCFD encourages generation and exchange of knowledge about flow physics and CFD technology within the worldwide communities of aerospace engineers, scientists and academics.
  2. It makes the exploitation of CFD technologies affordable for industry, research establishments, academia, and even individuals. The functionality of the high-end CFD code ENFLOW at NLR can be reached from anywhere at anytime using any platform that supports email communication (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.). It allows to conduct flow simulations without investing in high-end hardware, software license, or learning curve to use the software.
  3. It receives an ordinary text email containing the values of the governing physical parameters as input from the user (that define e.g. the aircraft geometry and flow conditions) , and replies with an email containing a download link to the characteristic numbers (e.g. polar data of the aircraft) and flow properties (e.g. visualized as pictures and movies) as output of the flow simulation.
  4. The user’s input are expressed in keywords and values embedded in the email body. Outside this embeddement, any discussional text can be added to the email body. The subject field of the email is left free for the user to define a session name.
  5. An eCFD session from the user’s point of view consists of (a) prepare an email with the input, (b) send the email to the server, (c) receive an email with the download link, and (d) download and analyze the flow simulation results.
  6. The setup of an eCFD account is flexible. Level of security can be set according to the user’s need. An eCFD account can be assigned to a group of persons collaborating in one project. Any member of the group may take the initiative to start a session.
  7. Through the notion of email, it facilitates convenient discussion within the group members, e.g. in preparing the input email (before the simulation) and analyzing the simulation results (after the simulation). Sessions with the same subject field can conveniently be organised as an email discussion thread.
  8. Speaking for itself, a multi-person eCFD account means that the cost can be shared by the group members.

See also eCFD rationale.